carl-roettgen-2-cropjpg-7d4bc3c69d0d83b0MARSHALL, Mo. – A Marshall man has pleaded guilty to a felony in Saline County but not a number of felonies he was initially charged with, due to inconsistencies in police statements.

According to court records Carl C. Roettgen, 32, entered a guilty plea on Monday to a lesser charge of felony resisting arrest or detention by fleeing creating a…risk of serious injury or death.

Roettgen was initially charged with three Class A Felonies of First Degree Assault of a Law Officer, two Unclassified Felonies of Armed Criminal Action and a single count of a Class C Felony of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm following an incident in May of 2015 at the Walmart in Marshall.

Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Stouffer announced he had dismissed the three class A felonies, two unclassified felonies and one class C felony due to the probable cause statements not being corroborated by surveillance video from the local retail establishment.

Stouffer reported he reviewed the surveillance video as he was preparing for the upcoming trial on August 23rd and noticed the discrepancies.

Officers initially claimed when they moved into apprehend Roettgen for a separate criminal matter Roettgen allegedly produced a pistol, pointed it at one of the officers and pulled the trigger, but the gun didn’t discharge. Roettgen escaped and was apprehended in Gulf Shores, Alabama May 20, 2015.

After discussing his concerns with the police department’s commanding officer, Stouffer decided to drop the charges that carried the harshest punishment under Missouri law.

The docket indicates Judge Dennis Allen Rolf agreed with the state’s recommendation and sentenced Roettgen to four years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.