Pet owners are being encouraged to be cautious around Wednesday’s holiday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Warrensburg Animal Shelter Manager Sarah Jacob:

Sarah Jacob

Jacob warns against candy, including chocolate and treats sweetened with a substance called xylitol and warns pet owners to make sure any costumes are comfortable and don’t restrict the animal’s sight, hearing, or movement.  She also encourages pet owners to keep their animals away from the door during trick-or-treat time to reduce stress and chance of escape.

Press Release from the City of Warrensburg

The City of Warrensburg’s Animal Shelter wants to remind pet owners of the potential Halloween dangers to pets. These hazards include:

Visitors – loud noises from trick-or-treaters, plus the continual ringing of the doorbell, can distress pets; no matter how friendly an animal is, it can become excited or threatened by strangers in costumes and may bite; and pets should be kenneled or put into a secure room to prevent them from running out the continually opening front door.

Candy – all forms of chocolate can result in poisoning and candy or gum sweetened with xylitol is toxic to pets; candy should be kept out of the reach of pets; tell children not to share candy with pets; and candy wrappers can also pose a health hazard if ingested, causing intestinal blockage.

Costumes – pet costumes are cute but remember that they should not impair a pet’s movement, hearing, sight, or ability to bark; and check that the rubber bands and elastic on costumes are not burrowing into a pet’s skin.

Candles – cats are curious and can easily burn themselves; and unattended open flames can cause fires if a pet knocks the candle over.

Identification – leave the family pet at home during trick-or-treating or make certain that it is on a short leash with a well fitted collar or harness to avoid fighting with other animals, biting strangers or escaping; and pets should always wear identification so they can be returned to their owner should they become lost.

Enjoy Halloween and make sure to keep it safe for everyone, including our four-legged friends.

For more information, please contact Sarah Jacob, Animal Shelter Manager, at 660-747-7156.