With trick-or-treaters scrambling from house to house for candy, (or from haunted house to haunted house), safety can sometimes become a peripheral issue.  Although it can be a fun time, it can also be dangerous from a traffic standpoint.

Of course, the safest time to conduct Halloween activities is prior to the onset of darkness, however, everyone knows most activity will occur during the night hours.  That is according to Sgt. Brent Bernhardt with Missouri Highway Patrol.  He is the Public Information and Education officer with Troop B.  He recently spoke with KMZU’s Ashley Johnson about the merits of safety awareness during Halloween festivities.

Bernhardt tells motorists to drive in a safe manner and be watching intently for pedestrian traffic, especially during dusk when the angle of sunlight impairs visibility.  He also tells parents and supervisors of children moving from house to house, to be constantly vigilant and aware, since the children under their charge are not focusing on safety, but are just out to have fun.  Bernhardt says accidents can also occur due to the limitations of costumes in the form of tripping hazards and visual impairment.

It is also a good idea to personally know the people from whom children receive candy.  To ward off this concern, Bernhardt encourages participation with church, school, or other community events concerning Halloween.  He says, those venues are typically quite safe, and represent the best way to trick-or-treat.