KMZU’s Sandi Wilson spoke with Sherry Weldon, Administrator with the Livingston County Health Center about the Hands-Only CPR class being offered tomorrow.

Sherry Weldon

Sherry says the class is free, however, it is not a certification class. Mannequins will be used to simulate performing life saving compressions on an adult.

Sherry Weldon2

You must call the Livingston County Health Center to register for this class. The number is (660) 646-5506. You can also go to the calendar on their website for future class dates and other courses that are offered.

Press Release From Livingston County Health Center

June 19, 2014: Livingston County Health Center is offering free “Hands-Only” CPR at their office next Thursday, June 26th, over the noon hour. Those interested should call to reserve a spot, as there is limited space per session. The health center plans to offer Hands Only CPR on a quarterly basis, so there will be two more opportunities to get trained yet this year.

Hands-Only CPR is CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths. It is recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult suddenly collapse in an “out-of-hospital” setting (such as at home, at work or in a park). It consists of two easy steps:

1. Call 9-1-1 (or send someone to do that).

2. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

Every five years, the American Heart Association publishes updated guidelines for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. These guidelines reflect a thorough review of current science by international experts. The 2010 guidelines reported that in studies of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, adults who received Hands-Only CPR from a bystander were more likely to survive than those who didn’t receive any type of CPR from a bystander. In other studies, survival rates of adults with cardiac arrest treated by people who weren’t healthcare professionals were similar with either Hands-Only CPR or conventional CPR.

When interviewed, bystanders said panic was the major obstacle to performing CPR. The simpler Hands-Only technique may help overcome panic and hesitation to act.

Learning basic CPR skills may help save the life of a loved one in case of heart attack.

Call 646-5506 to find out more, or reserve your spot.

All services of the health center are provided on a non-discriminatory basis.