The City of Harrisonville is cracking down on synthetic drugs. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Lieutenant Mike Prindle:

Mike Prindle

A new ordinance went into effect September 3rd. “It specifically addresses bath salts, and any drug that is considered synthetic, that would mimic any illegal drug that’s out there,” said Prindle.

The Missouri General Assembly has tackled the problem in the past. “Back in 2011, the State passed some law that dealt with what’s called the ‘synthetic cannabinoids.’ And it actually identified the chemical compounds and properties that were being used,” Prindle explained, “But what’s happening is, all these folks that are out there designing these drugs, they’re just changing the chemical compounds. So therefore, every year when they make something new, the new product is not illegal by the law.”

The now-outlawed substances have the same side effects as the drugs they are imitating.”We’ve encountered lots of people that have had all kinds of side effects. From hallucinations to being extremely sick, to impairing judgement, impairing their ability to drive. So it’s just an ongoing problem.”

Harrisonville’s new ordinance prohibits all synthetic stimulants that affect the central nervous system. Anyone convicted of possessing these drugs will face a fine of up to $500 and up to 90 days in jail. Any business owner found selling the substances risks losing their business license.