Lafayette County’s annual Hazardous Waste Collection Day is Saturday.  Residents can drop off toxic trash from eight to noon at the Fairground Park in Higginsville.

Press Release from the Lafayette County Commission

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, March 31, and bring your household hazardous leftovers from your home to the LAFAYETTE COUNTY HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE & E-WASTE COLLECTION DAY. This year it will be held at the 4-H Barn at Fairground Park, 29th and Cypress in Higginsville from 8 AM to 12 noon. This annual event is sponsored by the Mo. Dept. of Natural Resources. Only the first 250 vehicles with household hazardous waste & e-waste can be accepted.

What can you bring? Weed killer, paint, furniture polish, paintbrush cleaner, wood preservative, drain cleaner, motor oil, metal polish, paint thinner, epoxy, gasoline, kerosene, floor care products, paint stripper, moth balls, antifreeze, transmission fluid, turpentine, herbicide, insect poison, car battery, varnish, fungicide, pool chemicals, battery acid, c-cell batteries, rat poison, pesticides, fluorescent glass tubes.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING: explosives, ammo, shotgun shells, dynamite, pressurized cylinders, fire extinguishers, butane cylinders, barbecue pit cylinders, mercury salts, low-level radioactive waste, or smoke detectors.