Missouri senators continue to reflect on the debate held on Senate Bill 518. The measure would extend MO Health Net managed care statewide for only the current populations. Debate on this proposal started on Feb. 5, and included Sen. Kurt Schaefer of Columbia referring to a 2011 ballot issue relating to federal health care.

“And I think that’s one thing that’s really interesting about that CBO report is, it actually steps back and says, ‘This is actually going to cost more in lost jobs and in terms of dollars.’”

Senator Joseph Keaveny of St. Louis says he was happy to see the early debate, because Medicaid expansion was not considered by a Senate interim committee that met last year…

“They wouldn’t even talk about expansion until we transformed and reformed Medicaid. The current bill about managed care was part of that reformation and transformation.”

Senate Bill 518 could see more debate as the legislative session continues.

Missouri senators started this week debating a measure relating to firearms. Much like last year, the focus remains on the rights of all Missourians. Senator Brian Nieves of Washington sponsors Senate Bill 613, which is also known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

“What I thought I would do is just, kind of, walk through the significant differences from the Second Amendment Preservation Act that we looked at and worked on together last year to what we have in front of us now.”

Senator Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis tells the sponsor she believes his proposal does nothing to reduce gun violence in our state.

“That really does nothing to reduce violence is really a slap in the face of many mothers who lost their children as a result of guns.”

Debate may also begin, this week, on a measure that would cut the state income tax. Tax policy is another priority issue for lawmakers during this legislative session.


Story Courtesy of Dean Morgan