Health care issues rank among the top concerns for Missourians 50 and older, according to a recent survey.  AARP Missouri’s Craig Eichelman said institutional care costs the state more money than the programs that allow people to live on their own. “A lot of folks end up in a nursing home because those services just aren’t available, but helping somebody stay independent at home with meals or cleaning or other things, in the long run is much less expensive,” said Eichelman.

Eichelman said that while living independently is a concern, it’s also a challenge facing Missourians 50 and older, especially when state budget cuts often include the services they rely upon to be able to live on their own. “Making sure you have adequate health insurance coverage and Medicare when needed was of great importance to this group,” said Eichelman.

A majority of those responding, to the survey, 61 percent, were not members of AARP, and this marks the first time the group has included non-members in the nationwide survey.

Eichelman said other top areas of concern for the age group include consumer fraud protection and economic issues related to retirement.

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