Click the link below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with the mother of Larry Sisco’s 7 year old victim, Emily Hammer:

Emily Hammer

Although the 5 year sentence was handed down for Larry Sisco, (A Sweet Springs man charged in August with child molestation in the first degree) his victim, her mother, and their family will live with the terrible actions for much longer than just 5 years.  “I think the judge misunderstood,” said Hammer, “Because Sisco, in his statement, never waivered from under the clothing and the judge said that the other guy [comparison of previous trial] did this on top of the clothing, and he got five years.  I don’t see a world possible where you can do that to a 7 year old baby and get 5 years.  I just wanted her to be an adult before he was walking on the streets again so she could fully defend herself and now she can’t.”

The Pettis County Judge admitted to previously believing Sisco may have been incompetent. He changed his mind when the victim spoke during the trial and stated that Sisco had threatened her, telling the victim that her daddy would go back to prison if she told anyone.  “Mr. Sisco merely has a speech impediment,” Hammer stated, “He has no problems with his mind, he knew it was wrong.  He threatened her father constantly and if you know it’s wrong and you have to threaten, then it’s wrong.”

Through all of the heartache and hard times, the family is slowly finding their rainbow after the storm.  “It’s getting better slowly,” said Hammer, “It is, we just, everyday we make the most of everything.  We’ve got her a counselor and she has a community mentor. The people at BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse, they have been involved with her and they have been indispensable.  I don’t know, without them she’d really be a wreck.”

A letter the mother read to the court before sentencing:

“To put into words the impact Mr. Sisco’s actions have had on my daughter is nearly impossible.  It’s a loss of innocence and security.  The first time in her life she has had to worry about peoples intentions.  There’s no one thing to point at and say ‘that’s different’.  It’s more of a graying of the happy color of the carefree child.  Behind her eyes is a glimmer of worry, questioning, and a watchfulness that should not exist in such a young child.

Mr. Sisco’s choice has forever changed my child.  The only choice we have now as a family, is to decide to make all we can out of everything and pray this court makes a decision that is just and fair while protecting my child and any child he might encounter.”                                                                 

                                                                                 Thank you ,

                                                                                          Emily Hammer