Hedrick Medical Center nurses, staff, and a few volunteers completed a practice run on Thursday in preparation of their upcoming move to a new facility. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Chief Nursing Officer Catherine Hamilton:

Catherine Hamilton

Hamilton said the practice exercise wasn’t perfect, but that’s good for them.

“It’s important, actually, that the practice run itself does not go too smoothly, because you want to catch all those things that might happen to you during the real time,” said Hamilton. “And what the practice run did more than anything is give us a chance to operate as a team. To have everyone who’s been planing and preparing to come together and have some things that don’t work real well, and what would we do if that happened in real life.”

Hamilton included some surprises that might happen when they really move the patients, such as an unplanned medical emergency.

Hospital employees have been preparing for patient move day since last July. “What we did is we had several patients from the community, the city, our board members, and some of our own staff. And we literally put them in patient gowns, and laid them in beds, and treated them like a real patient. And brought them through our old facility, and did the whole run-through of exactly how we would take a patient move that day.”

Real patients will be moved from the old Chillicothe hospital to the new medical center on February 13th. The entire process is expected to take less than two hours.