Hedrick Medical Center has provided a few health and fitness tips to keep you on track with your New Year’s resolutions.

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Diane Lambert

Press Release from Hedrick Medical Center

Still feeling the bulge from overindulging during the holidays? Kick off the new year with a commitment to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. But take heed: today’s environment isn’t the most conducive, warns Diane Lambert, registered dietitian at Hedrick Medical Center.

  • Tolerate failure: Part of the process of succeeding is failing: You fail; you learn from it; and you get better.
  • Dig for motivation. Do you exercise to get in shape, lose weight, or just feel better? Having an emotionally compelling reason to exercise will help you stick with a routine.
  • Compete against yourself. Do you compare yourself to others while at the gym? Channel that competitiveness toward actions that will help you reach the next level, and don’t let fear of not measuring up to your neighbor act as an emotional setback that will keep you from reaching your goals.
  • Hold mental rehearsals. Don’t fall victim to the “I can’t” trap. Imagine yourself doing a physical feat, and you’ll accomplish it.
  • Plunge through plateaus. Everyone reaches a stagnant performance level eventually. Overcome your plateau by keeping a daily “victory log” of fitness accomplishments. Looking back at little victories will help you progress toward your overall goal.
  • Reward yourself. What better motivation for sticking to a routine than treating yourself to new workout clothes, a gym membership upgrade, or a fitness DVD.
  • Ditch drive-thrus. Fast food is the perfect culprit for sabotaging health plans. In fact, 70 percent of the decisions to visit a fast-food restaurant are made on impulse.
  •  Mix it up. Skip the treadmill and try the elliptical. Forgo the track for a park trail. Even change your workout times. A change of pace will help you avoid falling into a routine.
  • Get help. Check with your physician before starting a diet or exercise program.