TAMPA, Fl. — On Wednesday, July 11, HELM Agro US, Inc. announced the signing of an agreement to acquire BASF Corporation’s EXTREME herbicide.

HELM Agro, founded in 2003, is one of the world’s major independent chemical marketing enterprises.

“EXTREME herbicide continues to be a well-recognized and important weed control tool among U.S. growers,” said President of HELM Agro US, Jan Stechmann in a recent press release. “EXTREME is highly complementary to the organization’s portfolio and aligned with HELM Agro’s strategy in providing solutions that enable growers to successfully manage weed control with improved return on their investment.”

Even though EXTREME herbicide will transition to the HELM Agro US product line, it will continue to be packaged in BASF’s current 2 x 2.5-gallon jug cases. According to HELM Agro US, there will be no disruption in the supply chain.

“Our sales team is excited about servicing the marketplace with this outstanding offering alongside HELM’s comprehensive product set of top quality herbicides, fungicides and insecticides,” said HELM Agro US’s National Sales Director Michael Hoger.

According to BASF’s website, EXTREME herbicide is “specifically for maximum weed control in Roundup Ready soybeans.” EXTREME targets newly emerged grasses and weeds with the help of glyphosate. The product also controls broadleaf weeds and grasses after it is first applied.