Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Higginsville Mayor Bill Kolas.

Bill Kolas

The City of Higginsville was one of the many cities involved in a class action suit against a very well known internet, phone, and cable provider.  “It was approved unanimously by the board to except the terms of that,” said Kolas, “It won’t amount to very much monetarily for the city of Higginsville.  What it does do is it kind of protects us in the future, in the event that something else might happen regarding Centurylink. If there turns out to be something down the road then we have this ordinance in place to take care of that.”

Kente Boldridge and Dennis Payne were both accepted to join a City team.  “In both cases, they were approved  unanimously,” Kolas said, “They were approved to join the ambulance service for the City of Higginsville on a part-time basis.  They are both EMT’s.”

A nice surprise was heard at this meeting as well.  “There was another announcement made,” said Kolas, “I meeting is going to be held at John Knox East Village in Higginsville on Wednesday night.  That wasn’t on the agenda, but it was brought up.  That is the Central Division of the Missouri Municipal League.  They will be meeting in Higginsville at 6:00 for a social hour, dinner at 7:00, and then a program will follow after that.”