The Higginsville Board of Alderman will meet Monday evening for a regular session. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Clerk Jeanette Dobson.

Jeanette Dobson

The light agenda will include a discussion about a portion of Highway 13 according to City Clerk, Jeanette Dobson.

“It’s an ordinance to amend Schedule I, which is the speed limits. The Transportation Committee discussed this issue, to increase the speed limit on 13 Highway from 55 mph to 60 mph,” Dobson said. “This is on the improved section from I-70 north to approximately Gingerbread Lane, and that’s where the speed limit returns to 40 mph,” she added.

The possible hiring of two part-time EMT’s is also on the on the agenda.

“The emergency Services Director has just asked for the approval to hire James Mike Bara and Ashley Hollis as part time EMT’s,” Hobson explains. “There’s always a need for part time employees for the ambulance department, and these two are willing to serve the department, so he’s asked for approval for those two employees.”

The agenda will also include discussion and establishment of 2014 election dates and deadlines, plus the board will present a Recognition of Years of Service award to Keith Hackley, who has been with the city for 20 years.

The board will gather at 6 p.m. inside City Hall, 1922 Main St. Higginsville, Mo.