The Higginsville Board of Aldermen gave their approval Monday night for a hair salon to open its doors. Click to hear KMZU’s Brad Hartman talk with Higginsville Mayor Bill Kolas:

Bill Kolas

“It is in a residential area, but it is on a street that is not one of our main streets. It’s in a nice-looking facility. A building that I think they used it as a garage. But they’re going to turn that into a salon,” said Kolas, “And so it’s a hairdressing salon business here in Higginsville. And we have others like that in town. There are stipulations about signage and those kinds of things and they met all those requirements. So we look for it to be a good thing.”

Kolas says the owners met all the requirements provided by the city to work out of their garage. “When someone wants to open up a business in a residential area, basically is what this amounts to, it isn’t like just offering them a regular business license, per say,” said Kolas, “It goes in there as a conditional use. If they would discontinue doing that, someone else would want to come in there and do that, they can not. It’s a conditional use for that particular individual, for that purpose, at that location.”

Mayor Kolas also recognized three city employees for their years of service to the community. Those employees were Marcus Russell, George Schwarzer and Jessica Kirchhoff.