HIGGINSVILLE, Mo – The meeting Monday, August 15, was preceded by a public hearing regarding one of the issues on the agenda:  a proposed tax rate for the 2016-2017 budget year.  The increase follows a change in state valuation of property, which was determined to result in an increase of property tax revenue by $12,430.  That increase amounts to +$.00157 per $100.  This leads to a proposed rate of $1.0452, per $100.  Lee Barker, City Administrator, explained the proposed impact on the city.

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No public comments were delivered at the meeting.

The Administration Committee presented the tax levy to the board, which was then approved.

A committee meeting was scheduled for the review of the 2016-2017 budget September 7.

The third item brought by the committee was the acceptance of election results from the August 2 ballot regarding the extension of the capital improvement tax for 10 years.

The Transportation Committee also presented three items to the board regarding improvements to the municipal airport.

One ordinance approved further amendments to a State Block Grant for continued funding for the project.  Work was also contracted for pavement, sealing and striping of the runway.  In the interest of securing additional phases planned for the construction, an agreement was approved for consulting engineers.  Donna Brown, Director of Economic Development, detailed the proposed bills which were approved by aldermen.

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After the State General Assembly passed new legislation regarding caps for punishment of some crimes, municipalities face the obligation to follow suit.  A bill was passed to lower the cap for maximum fines for minor traffic charges, and group some infractions, like nuisances, with others which have caps.  Administrator, Barker addressed the board.

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The first board meeting of September was scheduled for Tuesday, September 6, for observation of Labor Day.