The City of Higginsville Board of Alderman meeting is set to take place this evening at six o’ clock, in the Council Chambers.  Higginsville is celebrating their Local Government Week and is inviting all citizens to attend tonight’s meeting.  There will be a reception following the meeting to recognize newly elected officials as well.

For business matters, on agenda for tonight will include a few different bills.  The first bill is a lease-purchase agreement with Deere Credit Inc. for a park utility tractor.  The next two bills involve the 2015 Street Improvement Program, they will vote on a cold milling portion, asphaltic concrete materials, pavements, and overlay portion of the project.  Different bids will be put forth for the project as well.

Also on agenda for this evening will be the approval of full-time EMT’s and fire department officers as well as a new fireman.  A proclamation for Local Government will then be the last item on the Agenda before the meeting is adjourned.