The Higginsville Board of Aldermen will consider the approval of two bills during Monday night’s meeting.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Mayor Bill Kolas:

Bill Kolas

Kolas says the first item on the agenda is related to changes to a piece of land.  “We have a parcel of property just on the south part of our city limits that is owned by Frank Riekhof,” said Kolas,” He has a building on a parcel that he wants to sell and then develop another lot in the same area.  We had a planning and zoning meeting recently where it was approved to divide the property into three separate lots.”

The second bill under consideration involves changing a speed limit due to safety concerns.  “We accepted a road that was once a state highway road and was called Truman Road,” said Kolas,’ It’s now actually 19th Street in our city.  The speed limit has been 30 miles per hour to a point and then increased to 40 miles per hour as you went west to 13 highway.  We feel that 40 miles per hour may be too fast considering there’s residential area and children playing.  We hope to set it all at 30 miles per hour.”

The board will also recognize an employee during the meeting.  According to Kolas, Mark Epperson has served as GIS/data controller for the past five years.  Officials will take a moment to thank him for his years of service.