higginsvillesigns1337013105112412HIGGINSVILLE, Mo- The Higginsville Board of Aldermen met Monday, August 3, 2015.

The main action of the board was the review of four bills brought forth for passage.  A pair of bills were passed to remain in compliance with current state statutes.  A bill regarding the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest was required by the state ethics commission.  Another bill pertaining to traffic offenses and fines was required by the newly passed state Senate Bill 5.

A bill was passed limiting corporate fireworks stands in favor of local not-for-profit stands.

A fourth bill pertaining to use of trash containers had to be tabled for future discussion due to a language discrepancy.

In other business, the City Administrator Lee Barker, reported he attended a meeting of Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management.  The city, which is insured through the agency, received two awards from MIRMA.  The city was recognized for a perfect loss prevention score for 2015.  Another award was for 100% participation in police training.

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