The water department in the City of Higginsville was recently issued funds as the result of a class action lawsuit against Syngenta Corporation.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk to City Administrator Lee Barker:

Lee Barker

Higginsville was among nearly 1100 cities who recently received settlement payments in the case.  According to officials, the funds are reimbursement for past expenses associated with the removal of atrazine for the water supply. The chemical is a weed killer sprayed on crops which can run off of fields and into waterways during periods of heavy rain.

Barker said the $179,405.10 settlement will cover only a portion of the costs incurred by the city. “We have been making arrangements over several years, probably way before 2004, for that removal,” said Barker,” I think it was early 2000, if not before, when the city installed a carbon-based filter in their water plant.  This helps to remove the atrazine, along with some chemical-based treatment that they used.  But that is a filter that has to be replaced every two to three years, so over the years it becomes fairly costly.”

A brief discussion of the issue is expected at the board of aldermen meeting Tuesday evening.  The mayor will also make appointment to the codes department and the Industrial Development authority.  The session is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in council chambers.