Additional jobs and businesses are coming to the Higginsville area.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Mayor Bill Kolas:

Bill Kolas

“That’s something that is still on track and still on-going.  We anticipate more movement toward that and we’re working to get the annexation and rezoning taken care of by early February. I think it is realistic to look at June as being the ground breaking.  Then in June 2013 we could have the doors open,” said Kolas.  “It’s not going to be cheap.  Anytime you have to put a sewer system in and run power lines along with building a street and parking lot you can guarentee a lot of costs.  It’s exciting.  It is stuff that is going to get done and we’re looking forward to getting it going.”

Higginsville is also preparing for the expansion of a well-known daycare.  Kolas said the owners of local daycare center are making headway.  “They primarily deal with young children, but they want to get larger so they can accomodate kids up to the age of 10.  They need more room and where they are currently located that is not possible.  I’m sure glad the Harris plan to do this and offer a great service for our community and people around here.”

According to Kolas, the expansion could bring in about 20 new jobs.  He added that the “Bright Futures Daycare Center” proposal comes with a fairly large price tag.  “I was really pleased to know that there has been over 30 people submit bids for that project.  I have had some others since then ask about it.  Anytime you have that many bidders on a project that means that it is good for the builder.  The bids will not be open until Jan. 23.  I think we are all anticipating something a million dollars or more.”