After nearly three months under construction, Highway 13 near Higginsville is complete. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Area Engineer Mike McGrath:

Mike McGrath

“The contractor just finished the work up yesterday [Friday]. There may be a few other days they have to come out and do some minor work to it, but for all practical purposes they are complete with the project,” said McGrath.

The work began in August. The main project was resurfacing the road from I-70 to Business 13.

“What we did was, under the railroad bridge, we did replace that, and we had to close the road for about a week to do that. And we did replace that with new concrete, but the rest of that was also an asphalt resurfacing.”

Crews also widened the shoulders to four feet and added rumble strips.

“First of all, the surface, over time, just deteriorates. So we like to come back, usually on about a ten to twelve year cycle and resurface it. To put a new surface on it, make it smoother. The shoulders themselves, widening that makes it safer, as well as obviously the rumble strips. So when people start to go off there, they’re alerted that they’re going off the pavement.”

The total cost of the work was about $1.7 million.