MACON, Mo.– According to a press release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Captain James E. Wilt, commanding officer of Troop B, Macon, urges Northeast Missouri motorists to be aware of the presence of several hundred bicyclists who will be traveling on rural roadways as they are participating in the Bike Across Missouri (BAM) event from June 12, 2016 through June 17, 2016. bam

During the event, participants will travel a pre-determined route across the entire northern portion of Missouri with planned overnight stops in several towns which will offer food and entertainment.  The event will start in St. Joseph, Missouri, with stops planned in Hamilton, Chillicothe, Brookfield, Macon, Shelbina, and ending in Hannibal, Missouri.

On the afternoon of June 14, 2016, the cyclists will enter and travel through the Linn County area using Missouri Routes B, P, and M, and will spend the night in Brookfield.  On June 15, 2016, they will travel to Macon using Missouri Highway 11, Missouri Routes E, JJ, WW, Missouri Highway 129, U.S. Highway 36, Missouri Highway 3, and Old U.S. Highway 36. On June 16, 2016, they will travel to Shelbina using Missouri Routes PP and V, U.S. Highway 36, Missouri Highway 151, Missouri Routes DD and WW, and Missouri Highway 15.   On June 17, 2016, they will travel to Hannibal using Missouri Highways 15, 168, Marion County Roads 401, 402, 407, 404, and again on Missouri Highway 168.

During this time period, motorists are encouraged to use extra caution and be alert for bicyclists participating in the event.  For further information concerning the event, please visit