CHILLICOTHE, MO – At a meeting of Chillicothe city officials Monday evening, an ordinance was ratified in accordance with MODOT requirements, for erecting welcome signs to the city. However, a desired agreement for certain emergency signs is still pending.

Administrator, Darin Chappell updated the council on efforts to provide signs with emergency lights on 1st and 2nd streets at 65 Highway. Their purpose would be to inform motorists of incoming emergency vehicles. The 1st and 2nd street intersections in Chillicothe are regularly used by emergency responders, and recent building developments have impeded lines-of-sight to the point that the emergency signs were deemed necessary. Lights on the signs would activate with the opening of bay doors at the ambulance hangar. Thus far, an agreement with MODOT officials is some distance away.

An ordinance for the purpose of historic preservation was passed by the city council. Members believed they had approved an ordinance that was not as authoritarian as versions previously passed, indicating it was more friendly toward the rights of property owners. It allows Main Street Chillicothe to encourage commercial property owners to maintain the facades of structures while providing assistance toward that end, including in the use of available funding and grants. Council members believed the historic preservation ordinance to be instrumental in the continuance of strong tourism in the city, as well as enhancing small-time economic opportunity.

Discussions that came up near the end of the meeting focused upon the street maintenance schedule, and desires of the council not to fall behind on road work.  Bidding procedures were discussed, as well as for redoubling efforts in future planning of projects.