Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Lexington City Administrator, Mark Rounds and Missouri Main Street Community Development Coordinator, Keith Winge.

City Admin., Mark Rounds-Mark Rounds
Community Development Coordinator, Keith Winge-Keith Winge

Lexington will be seeing some amazing changes over the next few years.  “Lexington applied for and was accepted into our affiliate grant program,” said Winge, “Which is a two year hands on program, so I will be visiting and working with the community for a two year period of time to help them build their Main Street Organization.  Main Street is a nation wide organization that was created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, to address the deterioration of main streets of downtowns in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Now it is a tool and  resource to help traditional downtown commercial districts revitalize.  All of that said though with emphasis on historic preservation.”

Two of the biggest factors in this equation are community involvement and funding for revitalization efforts.   “The way we’re going to get more folks involved and get more people there is by empowering them,” said Rounds, “By actually showing them and explaining to them how important the Main Street Program is to our city.  I would say probably the most important thing is that it spurs economic development in the downtown area.  It also preserves the historic tradition that we so much want to keep.  As for funding, we’ve been approached by some very positive people already who have asked, how can we be a part of the financial success?  So that in itself is good, but we’re also going to go out and look at ways that other Main Street programs have been successful.”

The towns dedication to historic preservation is equally matched to its enthusiasm for economic growth and the beauty of old becoming new again.  Lexington will be holding monthly Main Street meetings, for times and dates, you can reach City Hall at 660-259-4633.