It may only be August, but plans are already in full-swing for the High School Holiday hoops program on the campus of North Central Missouri College in Trenton.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Coordinator Steve Maxey:

Steve Maxey

Maxey said the event is marking it’s 10th anniversary and is guaranteed to be better than ever. “The most exciting thing to announce is the fact that we have exceeded 100 teams in this year’s event which is unbelievable,” said Maxey,”We never expected the growth to occur like it has, but I think when you offer a quality event like we have done for the past 9 years, the recognition is there by schools, coaches, and fans that this is a great event to be a part of.”

With 100 teams on the schedule this year, the event has come a long way since 2004.  “I want to say that we began with a dozen teams,” said Maxey, “I could be wrong with that, but I do remember in that first year that we played for two and a half days and that was not full schedules for those days.  We felt like, at that point, that this was a really super event to offer for the marketability of North Central Missouri College, certainly for the community, and, most importantly, the opportunity for student athletes to play ball on a college campus court and to meet opponents they don’t normally see.”

Teams will come from across Missouri, as well as Iowa and Nebraska to participate.  Holiday Hoops kicks off on December 18th with the final games being played on the 3rd of January.  Further announcements regarding scheduling are expected in the near future.

Press Release:

Five months from today and the 10th annual High School Holiday Hoops will tip off on the campus of North Central Missouri College in Trenton. “Not only is celebrating the tenth anniversary a big deal, but in honor of the tenth year, a total of 100 teams will take to the court of the Ketcham Community Center,” said Hoops director Steve Maxey. “This was a goal of the steering committee as we began planning the 10th annual event, and even with the largest number of teams ever, we still have a waiting list of teams wanting to participate.”

Maxey credits the interest in participation to a quality, well organized event and one that is supported so graciously by the entire community, even beyond Trenton. “Over 250 volunteers from Trenton and many surrounding communities will assist in many different aspects of the event and that adds to the effectiveness of Holiday Hoops,” he said.

Several new teams from new schools will participate this year including teams from Iowa and Nebraska with a Kansas entry yet to be confirmed. The remaining teams come from all over Missouri.

Twelve days of outstanding basketball will begin on December 18th with the final games played on January 3, 2015. Holidays and Sundays will be open dates with 8 games played on many days and 4 games on others.

“A special commemorative program book will be offered this year and again, businesses and individuals from all over the state are committing to promoting Holiday Hoops,” said Maxey. “Lots of other special efforts are being planned” reported Maxey “from a special commemorative shirt and hat, special entertainment and even some physical improvements being planned for the Ketcham Center to assist with the increased crowds this year. The steering committee was even expanded to help support the planning and hosting,” Maxey reported.

Sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Activities Association and the neighboring state associations, Holiday Hoops is sponsored by the North Central Missouri College Foundation and still holds the record for the largest high school holiday shoot-out in Missouri with all games played on the NCMC campus.