GOLD CANYON, Ariz.— Over the holiday season, many people tend to push dieting and healthy food regiments to the side, knowing that with Thanksgiving and other winter holidays in the near future, their strict schedules and ambitions of toned abs will most likely be stumped by salted hams, sugared yams, and sweet, chocolatychoc.chip.cookie cookies.

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Francis Nelson Beebe, the sole Baker and Owner of Mr. Nelson’s cookies:


During the holiday season, many people indulge in some sweet treat, usually brandished with the tag line of “secret family recipe,” but one thing 80% of American’s have in common is their love for cookies. Even more specific, more than 60% of American’s share a favorite, the chocolate chip cookie.

This indulgence, Beebe said, usually derives from the thought processes relating to a reward sort of system.

“I think what people do is they put their indulgence hat on,” Beebe explained, “They’re saying you know what, I really believe that I deserve this and so does my family and friends, whatever the indulgence may be.”

While the cookie has gone through many differentiation’s, the original made its way into history in the 1930’s.

This classic was created in 1938 in Massachusetts. The woman behind the dessert, Ruth Wakefield, made it by mistake. Wakefield was in the process of creating a butter cookie when she put chocolate chunks in the mix. When the chunks didn’t melt, the time honored American classic found its fame and was simply named the chocolate chip cookie.