Click to hear KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox:

Steve Cox

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we can see an increase in theft and stealing occurrences.  Sheriff Cox says taking precautions can perhaps save you from being the next victim.  “Put your valuables out of sight or don’t leave them in your car,” said Cox, ” If you do, use your trunk.  You can’t run home after every store you leave, but it helps even to take a blanket or extra coat and cover your purchases.  It’s not as enticing to break into a car when you don’t know what’s in it.  A lot of times, people see a purse, money, a bunch of charge, or whatever their target is in the vehicle and they will get into it.”

There is another simple step we can take to protect ourselves.  “We work a lot of cases where stuff is stolen from vehicles or residences and they’re never locked,” said Cox, “Yes, they can still break a window and get in, but it’s a deterrent.  Most of the criminals don’t want to make noise or draw attention to themselves.  Also, when you’re out shopping, be mindful of people around you.  Someone paying attention to what’s in your purse or which pocket you put your money in should be a red flag.”

To help reduce the chances of falling victim to identification theft, keep the amount of personal information you carry in your wallet or purse at a minimum.


There are also warnings of packages that are delivered to our homes during the day when we’re away.  Officials recommend having them brought to your place of employment or to a relative’s home where they will not be left unattended.