An accident at the intersection of Highway 190 and Hornet Drive in Chillicothe late last month has city officials wanting to conduct a traffic study in that area.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with City Administrator Ike Holland:

Ike Holland

According to Holland, it has been more than ten years since they’ve analyzed the infrastructure in that area.  “We’ve had a lot of changes out there at that intersection and more prominently we have more changes to come with the new stadium and the proposed hospital.  I want to have a complete study of that intersection and around the school.  So that we have plenty of access now and for the next decade,” Holland said.

Holland added that they are considering a number of options for the intersection of Highway 190 and Hornet Drive.  “We could install traffic lights, a round-about, we could use police officers during certain times, a right-in/right-out at certain intersections.  Those are the four most common.   There is already a turn lane into the school. You could even separate the street with a median that would reduce people from turning inadvertently into each other.”

Holland plans to meet with Chillicothe’s Superintendent as well as representatives from the Missouri Department of Transportation later this week.