MISSOURI — Walleye are a popular sport fish in Missouri that are stocked at reservoirs around the state.

In order to reel one in, an angler must first know where to look and what to use.

In the third installment of “Hook, line and sinker,” KMZU’s Dan Watson spoke with Mike Anderson, a Fisheries Management Biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, about where Walleye are stocked or found and recommended methods to catch them.

Click below to listen to their conversation, which aired Thursday on KMZU.

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According to Anderson, Walleye are found in a variety of waterways around the state.

“There pretty much found statewide, from the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers,” Anderson said, “in-land streams, a whole host of reservoirs.”

To lure in a Walleye, fishermen need to know when the fish are most active.

“During Spring and Summer, the evening or early morning,” Anderson stated, “although novice Walleye anglers can catch them any time of the day. They particularly don’t like a lot of light. ”

After identifying when the local Walleye population is most active, an angler should ensure that they are using the correct type of lure or fishing method.

“On some of our lakes, during the summertime, trolling is very, very effective across some of our deep water points or drop offs with crank baits, or stick baits, or even bottom bouncers. . .,” Anderson explained.

Unlike other fish species, Walleye have very relaxed regulations, but anglers should still check the specific rule governing Walleye in their area before heading out on the water.

“There’s no special permits other than a fishing permit for those anglers that need it,” Anderson said, “. . .but there’s no special fishing permits like you see with some of our Trout areas . . .”