The rural town of Jamesport becomes a hub of activity a couple days each week.


KMZU’s Janet Adkison recently ventured out to Daviess County to visit the Northwest Missouri Product Auction.  Click the following link to hear her full report.Jamesport-1-vw-jaThe community is known as the largest Old Order Amish settlement west of the Mississippi.  It’s a traditional small town located in Daviess County northeast of Gallatin, Missouri.  Just driving in you notice the yards and pastures more than the modest homes that speckle the sides of the road.  The fields are dotted with horses of all sizes while the well-kept lawns are maintained all the way to the barn.  Other horses are often tethered near a buggy or wagon waiting for the day’s errands.

Tour buses and horse drawn wagons are just as common as any other vehicle in this Daviess County community.

The Northwest Missouri Produce Auction is located on the east side of Jamesport, Mo.

It’s the town of Jamesport, who’s streets welcome tour busses and horse drawn wagons just as much as any other vehicle.
On the day of my visit, Tuesday, the hustle and bustle was amplified by the number of wagons and carts carrying boxes of produce to the North Missouri Produce Auction on the east side of town.  Extension Horticulture Specialist Tim Baker says the buy-and-sell-experience takes place each week.Jamesport-1-jaThe sale is known to offer a variety of high quality foods…
John Goode, the owner of Goode Acres Vegetables based in Wathena, Kansas, makes the 71 mile drive every few days.Jamesport-3-jaHis produce operation began with the intent to raise everything they sell, but the increasing desire for farm fresh goods caused a modification to the business plan…


Goode is a cancer survivor who himself consumes 40 ounces of vegetables a day.  He says much of the supply at the market falls right in line with the kind of produce he likes to sell and eat.

John Goode, owner of Goode Acres Farm, talks with horticulture specialist Tim Baker (right).

The produce auction is known for its high quality tomatoes but also offers a wide variety of delicious produce.

While the food on hand offers a rainbow of colors, the full experience is enhanced by noted use of animal power.  Two large draft horses step onto the covered sale platform pulling a flatbed wagon loaded down with a variety of goods.  As the team waits for their next cue, the auctioneer gets the bidding started.  When the multiple lots of vegetables have been sold, the team hauls the sold boxes to the back of the barn where it’s unloaded and divided out according to the buyer number.  It’s a simple system that requires record keeping and communication throughout the building and a steady supply of feed for the muscle doing the heavy labor.
Horticulture specialist Tim Baker encourages anyone to stop in for the unique experience…Jamesport-5-jaMeaning if you’re planning at day at the Northwest Missouri Auction,  be sure to travel in a vehicle that offers enough room for you and the large load of goods you might purchase.

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Horses are used to haul heavy loads of produce around the market.