As the weather continues to warm, pet owners need to prepare their animals for the change in conditions.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Chillicothe’s shelter guardian, Lesley Patek , to learn some tips:

Lesley Patek

Patek says long-haired and dark-colored animals are of special concern, but pet owners need to provide plenty of shade for all their pets.  Animals love fresh water to play in, and kiddie pools work well.  One concern for animals kept outside is flies, ticks and fleas.  She said owners need to bring their charges to a veterinarian for repellents.  Patek stresses the importance of never leaving them alone in a vehicle.  If taking a pet along on a car ride, she encourages pet owners to keep a person in the car and the air conditioner on so the animal won’t stress.  Water must be kept fresh to keep pets healthy.  If leaving for the day, Patek suggested asking the neighbors to refresh the pet’s water source.  Above all, Patek said animals need to be spayed and neutered.