Listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson interview V.P. of Communications, Karen Buschmann.


According to representatives of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the issue of employment law has been undertaken in municipalities too often with adverse results.  The Vice President of Communications with the Chamber, Karen Buschmann, believes that the issue should remain under state control.

Members of the Chamber are concerned that employment law mandates on the municipal level will have the detrimental effect of making Missouri less palatable to businesses.  The President of the Chamber, Daniel Mehan, says, “We are seeing more and more cities take on issues that are best handled at the state level,….it makes our state a less-attractive place to do business.” Karen Buschmann states that the sometimes, arbitrary impositions of municipal mandates such as minimum wage increases, may not be market-based decisions.  Buschmann also says that house bill 722 would prevent cities from imposing other employment laws which might not be welcome by the business constituents of a municipality.

Another of Buschmann’s major concerns is that ramifications of municipal mandates will drive away businesses from those areas, creating more problems than solutions for city business.

The Missouri Chamber hopes that the bill will ultimately be approved by Governor Nixon.

Representative Dan Shaul from Imperial is sponsoring the bill, and similar bills are also being sponsored by Representatives Rowden, and Kehoe.

The bill also prohibits cities from banning plastic or reusable shopping bags.