House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has released the committee’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Resolution.  House Ag Committee chairman Frank Lucas warns against – reading too much into the numbers or policy proposals in either the President’s budget or the Ryan budget.  Lucas calls them, – only suggestions. 
But, House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson says – the process outlined by the House Republican budget all but guarantees there will be no farm bill this year. The Ryan budget proposes significant cuts in the farm safety net and conservation programs, and slashes spending on nutrition programs that provide food for millions of Americans. Peterson says – it is appalling that in an attempt to avoid defense cuts the Republican leadership has elected to leave farmers and hungry families hurting.
Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas says – the proposed budget demonstrates that House Republicans are willing to lead and make the difficult decisions necessary to tackle our debt and deficit crisis.  Writing and passing a budget requires leadership and political courage from the President and Congress. 
NAFB News Service