The House Committee on Natural Resources held an oversight hearing Tuesday on the Impact of the Administration’s Wild Lands Order on Jobs and Economic Growth. Dustin Van Liew, director of federal lands for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and executive director of the Public Lands Council, says the Department of the Interior’s Secretarial Order 3310 will have far-reaching negative effects on the western economy, which relies on a thriving public lands ranching industry. According to Van Liew, – shifting the Bureau of Land Management’s mission to management for wilderness characteristics presents a threat to the longstanding multiple-use activities on public lands, including livestock grazing. The industry leader says – supporters of the Order claim it will not have any negative effects, but their claims don’t match the facts. The loss of grazing rights will not only affect public lands ranchers, but the effects will also ripple throughout local and regional economies that rely on our industry. Van Liew believes the Order establishes de facto wilderness areas without obtaining congressional approval. The law has been on the books for nearly 50 years. The administration doesn’t have the authority to change the approach. Van Liew adds, – the Order will likely have extensive negative impacts on the very lands the administration claims to be protecting.