Several household products, especially with modern packaging and labels that emphasize the marketing of that product, can be tantalizing curiosities to very young children.  This prompts exploration of that product, which includes touching or tasting it, whether a danger is posed or not.

The new liquid laundry packets, due to the bright colors, textures, and designs, seem to be enticing curious youngsters into probing the properties of the product.

KMZU recently spoke with safety education expert, Nancy Bock.  She is the Senior Vice President of Consumer Education at the American Cleaning Institute.  Elizabeth Orosco conducted the interview.

Bock cites reports that suggest over 60% of parents admit they store liquid laundry packets in sight or in reach of children, while 80% of those polled think their children cannot reach the packets.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, nearly 13,000 accidental exposures to liquid laundry packets were reported in 2015 involving children under six.

Although, safety and prevention should be the highest priority, Bock says, the poison help line phone number should always be made instantly available in the home:  1-800-222-1222.