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Precincts Reporting88
Howard County Circuit Judge (Circuit 14) - RepublicanVotes
Gillis C. Leonard1,165
Howard County Circuit Judge (Circuit 14) - DemocratVotes
Scott A. Hayes741
Stephen M. Murrell308
Howard County Associate Circuit Judge - RepublicanVotes
Mason R. Gebhardt1,420
Howard County Presiding Commissioner - RepublicanVotes
Jerimiah J Johnmeyer806
Kevin R. Dobson769
Howard County Presiding Commissioner - DemocratVotes
Sam Stroupe970
Howard County Clerk - RepublicanVotes
Shelly R. Howell1,316
Howard County Clerk - DemocratVotes
Ruthie Espenschied914
Howard County Prosecuting Attorney - RepublicanVotes
Deborah K. Riekhof1,282
Howard County Collector of Revenue - RepublicanVotes
Jinger L. Felten1,416
Howard County Circuit Clerk & Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds - DemocratVotes
Charles J. Flaspohler981
Howard County Treasurer - DemocratVotes
Susan Keyton957
County of Howard Question 1Votes
Fayette R-III School District Question 1Votes