ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — Deer hunters in the northwest and Ozark regions of the state might see a few deer with GPS collars on their necks, and the Missouri Department of Conservation urges hunters to not let that collar affect their decision to harvest the deer.

Over 200 white-tailed deer have been wearing a GPS collar as a part of a study by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and University of Missouri (MU). These collars use satellite technology to track the deer and track data about their location and movements. So far, almost one million data points have been collected.

“We want the study’s sample group, the deer wearing the GPS collars, to reflect what is going on with the state’s entire deer herd,” said Kevyn Wiskirchen, MDC deer biologist.

The five year study is designed to benefit Missouri’s deer herd and hunters. Plans are already underway to continue the study during the winters of 2018 and 2019.