A Chillicothe resident was taken into custody yMonday following an incident at the Livingston County Courthouse.  According to Sheriff Steve Cox, Lawrence Felton, 65, passed through the metal detector,which was being monitored by a Sheriff’s deputy, with his fists clinched and raised above his head and caused the detector to alert.  The deputy used the hand wand around the man’s body and legs, but, with his hands above his head, the wand did not detect any metal.

As the deputy watched Felton start up the stairs, he saw at least one knife in the man’s hand.  Felton was reportedly uncooperative and struggled with the officer as he was arrested for trespassing.  Felton was allegedly attempting to see an employee which he has reportedly displayed anger toward in the past.

He is now charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, and assault or attempted assault on a law enforcement officer.  Bond for Felton is set at $5,000.

Press Release:

On Monday, August 18 the LCSO was charged with security at the Livingston County Courthouse for a jury trial.  A deputy was staffing the metal detector on the first floor and additional staff were handling Court on the second and third floors.

Detective Eric Menconi reported that a male walked through the metal detector with his fists clinched and raised above his head when the metal detector alerted.  The deputy then used the hand wand around the person’s body and legs but the man still had his hands in the air so the smaller detector did not signal any metal.  As the man began walking up the first flight of stairs Detective Menconi saw at least one knife in the man’s hand.

The subject was allegedly uncooperative with our deputy and subsequently arrested for Trespassing.  Deputy Cooksey went to assist Detective Menconi and the subject was reported to be refusing to submit to arrest and struggled with the deputies when they attempted to handcuff him.  The subject allegedly told Deputy Cooksey he was going to cut off a certain part of the deputy’s body.  The subject also identified himself as “God” to the deputies.

A report was submitted to Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren and Judge James P. Valbracht signed a warrant charging Lawrence Edward Felton, 65, with alleged Trespassing 1st Degree, Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest.  Bond was set at $5,000 on case # 14LV-CR00399.

Mr. Felton was allegedly going to see an employee which he reportedly has displayed anger and/or dislike toward in the past.

I believe the deputies did an excellent job with the integrity of the security at the Courthouse and in making this arrest.