Update (7:00 p.m.) – The second fugitive who escaped from the Livingston County Jail Wednesday night has been arrested.

(11:23 a.m.) – Press release: A search of the detainee’s cells revealed a handwritten note allegedly from one of the escapees to the jail staff which is filled with profanity and infers a planned intent to escape from custody.  Authorities have received information of a possible sighting of Waddle in the Brookfield/Linn County area. The sheriff’s department is submitting information to Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren for consideration of additional charges of burglary and attempted escape from custody against Dawson.  This marks the first escape at the Livingston County Jail since Sheriff Cox took office on January 01, 2001. The most recent escape from custody prior to that date is believed to be about May of 1993 at which time a male detainee escaped through the same sally port door which had mistakenly been left open.

(5:24 a.m.) – Press release: Information obtained strongly suggests Bobby R. Waddle had been carefully planning this escape from custody and is attempting to quickly flee to the Brookfield/Linn County Missouri area.  Anyone who provides Bobby Waddle with assistance such as transportation or helps in concealing his location may be charged with a felony crime.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of Bobby Waddle then please call the local law enforcement agency or the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office at 660-646-0515.

(3:22 a.m.) – Tony Dawson was captured around 1:00 a.m. Thursday at a home in the 200 block of Clay Street in Chillicothe.  Deputies are still searching for Bobby Waddle.

Authorities are searching for two inmates that reportedly escaped from custody around 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday. Tony Dawson, 23, and Bobby Waddle, 41, both of Brookfield, managed to escape through one of the entrances during recreation time. Dawson is described as a black male, about 6’2″, and 180 pounds. Waddle is a white male, about 5’4″, and 103 pounds. There was a possible sighting in the 900 block of Vine Street. The two men are believed to have discarded their orange jumpsuits in an alley. If you have any information, you are being asked to contact the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department at (660) 646-0515 or 911.

Tony Dawson

Bobby Waddle (he has since shaved his head)

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department

This evening the detention staff was taking inmates from cell areas to the exterior exercise yard for recreation.   About 9:40 p.m. detention staff reported two male detainees escaped from custody out of the sally port door.  Video shows the door was properly closed and somehow the detainees partially forced open this security door and escaped.  Jail uniforms were found in the alley behind the sheriff’s office.

Dispatch immediately alerted the Chillicothe Police, LCSO Deputies, Sheriff, Linn County Sheriff Tom Parks and Linn County Authorities, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

We have identified the two men as:

Tony Deandre Dawson, 23, Brookfield, described as black/male, 6-02, 180 pounds, medium build, black hair, and dark complexion.  Mr. Dawson is a Linn County prisoner being held for alleged Felony Controlled Substance Violation.  Dawson is known to have ties to St. Louis.  Dawson has been in our custody since June 14, 2012.

Bobby Ray Waddle, 41, Brookfield, described as white/male, 5-04, 103 pounds, slim build, now shaven head, and light complexion.  Mr. Waddle is a Linn County prisoner being held for alleged Probation Violation on original charge of Distribution of Controlled Substance.  Waddle has been in our custody since May 24, 2012.

Various law enforcement officers are currently searching the area for these men with a possible sighting in the 900 block of Vine Street in Chillicothe, Missouri.  The citizen reported seeing two men in white boxers peeking in windows.

Please report any information immediately to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office at 660-646-0515 or dial 911.

Most likely these men are looking for a place to hide or a vehicle to steal.

All potential issues are being investigated as to how these men were able to force open the sally port door and if they had contacted anyone for assistance from outside of the facility.  All remaining detainees are on lock down status until further notice.

Mr. Waddle has an extensive criminal history while Mr. Dawson shows a non-violent criminal history, however, both men should be considered dangerous due to this escape from custody.