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Click below to listen to Small Business Majority’s Health Coverage Guide, Mary Overbey detail small business and employee health coverage options in the new marketplaces during a webinar:

Mary Overbey

Small Business Majority recently hosted a webinar for small business owners to educate them of all the do’s and don’ts of health insurance and employee coverage in the new marketplace. Instructor for the hour long course, Mary Overbey, a Health Coverage Guide for the company, explained that the goal of the informational course is to help business owners with under 100 employees understand new health insurance marketplaces, how to use new health coverage, and other key health literacy components as well as to provide them with an overall overview of the healthcare law.

The key topics Overbey focused on during the webinar is essential subject matter that is considered most relevant to Missouri businesses. Those areas of importance include key health insurance terms, how health insurance works, how to interpret your health insurance plan and benefits, and how to use and keep track of your health insurance.

To learn more about the information Small Business Majority provides, visit or e-mail Mary Overbey at Questions can also be answered by calling 417-872-8824.