Learn more about the community of Carrollton at the city website.

Learn more about the community of Carrollton at the city website.

CARROLLTON, Mo. – During the regular session of the Carrollton City Council meeting Monday, N ovember 2, 2015, council was given a presentation on the coming insurance premium increases to the city’s current coverage plan.

David T. Hoy with the Naught-Naught Agency talked about the increase by the current provider.

Mr. Hoy explained that with the increase in the deductible, pharmacy co-pays would stay the same and would now go towards the deductible, unlike in the past.

Mr. Hoy offered other providers and their up and downsides. Council said they would go over the reports and make a decision soon.

Also part of the evening’s agenda was a presentation by Planning and Zoning Administrator Kim Burger.

Burger informed council that nuisance violations are decreasing with the end of the summer season. The focus though was on properties that need to be demolished.

Council discussed the issue and decided to put three properties out for bid for demo. They are 501 North Main St., 510 North Main St. and 810 South Main St.

If the need arises, some council members and Mayor Bryan Mathis said the budget could be amended if needed, to make sure the potentially dangerous structures can be removed.

The Carrollton City Council will gather for the second November session on Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, 6 p.m.

You can learn more at the Carrollton City Website.