The report published last Thursday, December 29, by the Department of Homeland Security and FBI reportedly illuminates the reason behind allegations of hacking against the Russian government.

The Joint Analysis Report promised new declassified intelligence which clearly implicates Russia, but instead, identified generic methods carried out by almost all state sponsored hacking groups.  It restates previous claims without providing much additional support for validity.  That is according to security editor for Ars Technica, Dan Goodin.

The report supposedly overemphasized a source code for one implant associated with Russia which was also independently obtained by researchers from an antivirus provider.  That means anyone could have found and used it.

Robert M. Lee CEO and founder of Dragos Security Co. says good government analysts and operators surely contributed to the report, but “sanitation processes” stripped the report of most of its value , rendering it confusing as it attempts to allege too much while citing too little.

While the JAR reportedly provides almost no new evidence, individuals tied to the leaks, claiming to be lone wolves, remain anonymous.

Independent security experts say there may be no way to know the true origins of the attacks.