An interim Prosecuting Attorney was sworn-in in Lafayette County last week. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Kristen Ellis:

Kristen Ellis

Ellis has served as assistant prosecuting attorney in Lafayette County since March of 2009. She says she would like to be appointed to as the permanent prosecuting attorney.

“That position is up for appointment by the Governor. And he’ll select that individual,” said Ellis, “I have made my interest known to the Governor, and I’m hopeful that he will make that selection as quickly as possible so that we can move on with the business in the office.”

Although they are down an attorney, her office will continue to work with law enforcement and elected officials to keep crime rates low.”Our concerns are always victim cases. We try to work very closely with victims in this county, and I plan on continuing to do that,” said Ellis, “Unfortunately, we have a lot of burglaries, residential burglaries and machine shop burglaries, things like that, going on right now. That’s a special focus that we’ll have. We’re trying to cut down on that as much as we can. And we’re always dealing with the controlled substance issues in the county.”

Former Prosecuting Attorney Kellie Campbell stepped down last Wednesday to open a private practice in Columbia.