Tax season has officially begun.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Director of Communications for the Missouri Department of Revenue Ted Farnen:

Ted Farnen

Wednesday marks the first day the IRS will begin processing individual tax income returns.  Farnen explains the brief delay in the schedule.  “Because of some events that happened at the federal level, there has been somewhat of an adjustment period on when people can begin filing their electronic returns,”said Farnen,” If you’ll recall, the fiscal cliff negotiations went up to January 1st in Washington and, because that legislation passed, some changes had to be made in federal tax forms and processing those forms electronically.”

Missouri residents have a new option for receiving their state refund this year.  Farnen said it’s available for both those that file an electronic or paper return.  “In the past, taxpayers could get their refund through electronic direct deposit or just a paper check,” said Farnen,” This year, we are offering the tax refund debit card.  If you would prefer that method, you can simply check the box on your return for that.  Again though, electronic direct deposit is probably still the quickest and most efficient way to go.”

The refund debit card can be used for free almost anywhere Visa is accepted.