Johnson County is preparing an event  for October 19th that focuses on homeless individuals in the area. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to co-chair Georgia Stuart-Simmons:

Georgia Stuart Simmons

“Project Homeless Connect is an opportunity for a wide variety of service organizations and agencies to come together for one day and provide actual services to folks who are homeless or who are in danger of becoming homeless,”said Stuart-Simmons,”So many times, we have these big events and people ask clients to come to their office at another time or to make an appointment, but our goal is to actually provide services that day.”

Anyone wishing to help with the event is asked to visit the group’s website at

Press Release:

“Project Homeless Connect” will take place in Warrensburg on October 19, but it will take a lot of community support to make it happen.

Project Homeless Connect is a one day, one stop shop event designed to deliver real services to people experiencing homelessness in out community by bringing all of the service providers together in one place.

Last summer’s homeless count in Johnson County identified 75 people who were unsheltered.  The Warrensburg School district reports serving 291 homeless students during the past school year.  In addition, many people live on the verge of homelessness or are unable to access services because of a variety of reason.  This information verifies what service providers know – that there is a significant need for services for people living in poverty in our community.  This day of service is a step toward fulling that need.

Project Homeless Connect Warrensburg/JohnsonCounty 2012 will unite service agencies, churches, civic groups, and businesses to provide a variety of services.  Organizers hope to be able to provide birth certificates, mental and chemical health care screening, employment training, and placement, medical and dental care examinations, haircuts, photo ID assistance, housing, free clothing, free lunch, and more.  Organizers hope to make this an annual event.

A large number of participating agencies, volunteers and donors will be needed to make the event a success.  To learn more about “Project Homeless Connect” and how you can get involved, visit the Johnson County Cares website at