Johnson County Sheriff Chuck Heiss announced Friday evening that he would step down as sheriff. In a statement on his Facebook page Sheriff Heiss cited stress and health concerns as the reason for his decision to take a position with a federally contracted security firm in the Kansas City area.

Heiss thanked his family as well as the community and fellow officers. He said it was time to move on and spend more time with his family. He said through all the interrupted dinners, missed holidays and other special occasions, his wife and two daughters’ support was a constant.

Heiss was no stranger to controversy during his time as sheriff, including a public letter to President Obama in January of 2013. In that letter Heiss stated he would not support gun control measures put forth by the President. He stated it infringed on 2nd Amendment rights. The comments were made within a month of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut.

The Johnson Co. Commission was unavailable for comment Friday night.

Sheriff Chuck Heiss’ Facebook Post

“It is with mixed emotions that I make this post. Today I officially announced my retirement from the office of sheriff. While I am very excited to begin a new journey in life, I will truly miss the men and women who have served with me over the past seventeen and a half years. To the citizens of Johnson County, I say thank you. Thank you for granting me the honor and privilege to serve as your sheriff. I have always tried to serve with integrity and honesty. While there are many reasons that led me to this decision the main reason is my personal well being. Sometimes, people can become so engrossed in their work that they fail to take note of the impact that such an engrossment can have on their personal health. While I am in good health now, my friends, family, and doctors have advised me to take direct steps to reduce the level of stress in my life. Therefore, I will begin a new career with a federally contracted security firm in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Once again, I say thank you to the citizens of Johnson County, I have enjoyed the support, encouragement, and friendships we have developed. I will always cherish the time I have served as your sheriff. Finally, I want to thank my family. My wife Chrissy, and my two beautiful daughters. Your patience, understanding, and tolerance has been unwavering. Through interrupted dinners, holidays, and special occasions, you have stood by my side. Words cannot express the love I have for each of you. God has truly blessed me in so many ways, but the greatest blessing of all is my family.”