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Johnson County
Race April 2021 Final
Question: Warrensburg Road Bonds
Yes 1,089
No 292
Holden Ward IV Council Member (Two Year Term)
Julie Fields 32
Allen Mensch 23
City of Knob Noster Mayor (Two Year Term)
Thomas Charrette 152
Joe Burnor 77
Knob Noster Ward II Alderman (Two Year Term)
Edward L. Thering 46
Garret Carter 39
Question: Knob Noster Fire Department Tax Levy
Yes 209
No 21
Question: Knob Noster Municipal Tax
Yes 163
No 71
Question: Centerview Elections
Yes 6
No 8
Kingsville R-1 Board Members, (Vote for One) (Two Year unexpired term)
Chris Truby 32
Kelly Stout 2
Kingsville R-1 Board Members (Vote for One) (One Year Unexpired Term)
Keith Higgs 21
Lindsey Bush 79
Warrensburg R-VI School District Board Members (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Raymond (Ray) Crisp 397
Tom McCormack 1,140
Angela Tayloe 651
John Paul Suchecki 244
Aaron James Franklin 301
Shannon L. Bridgemom 914
R-VIII School District of Johnson County Directors
Knob Noster R-VIII School District Director (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Casey Cunningham 255
Adrianne Courtier 209
Paul Hills “Hillsy” 244
Leeton R-X School District Director (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Michael (Robby) Myers 206
Melissa Myers 180
John M. McCoy 146
Larry (Jake) Corson 142
Lone Jack C-6 School District Director (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Dora Jo Daniel 0
Rebecca R. Campbell 1
Camille Rae Lucito 0
Ashley Maupin (Snow) 1
Question: Sherwood Cass R-VIII Bonds
Yes 0
No 2
Oak Grove Jr-6 Directors (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
James William Schlichting 2
Todd W. Blansit 4
Jovanna Michelle Rohs 3
Concordia LR-2 Director (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Tim Kirchhoff 9
Steven Borgstadt 7
Brandon Frerking 6
Odessa LR-7 Directors (Vote for two) (Three year Term)
Junior Munsterman 5
Cole E. Shippy 13
Adam Bradley 5
Jessica Porter 11
Johnson County Public Water Supply District No. 1 Board Members Sub district 4 (Three Year Term)
Scharley Barry 108
Karen Godfrey 307
Johnson County Ambulance District Director, Sub-District 1 (Three Year Term)
Michael Wakeman 246
George Waddle 159
Johnson County Ambulance District Sub district 4 (Three Year Term)
Juanita Moore 226
Jennifer E. Bradford 202
Southeast Sewer District Board of Supervisors (Five Year Term)
Michael C. Caldwell 28
Earnest Macios 19
Metropolitan Community College Question
Yes 5
No 0
Johnson County Proposition A Final
Yes 2,321
No 1,556
Johnson County Community Health Services Trustee (Vote for Three) (Four Year Term)
Donna Stewart 1,880
James Williams 1,100
Noah Harness 1,591
Megan Jaeger 1,768
Justin Johnson 1,355
Corrine (Corky) Burgin 1,204
Rick Edwards 1,028
Uncontested Races
City of Warrensburg Council Member (Vote for One) (Three Year Term)
Tarl Bentley 1,140
City of Holden Ward I Councilmember (Two Year Term)
Robin Watkins 25
Holden Ward II Council Member (Two Year Term)
Renee Rahe 16
Holden Ward II Council Member (Two Year Term)
James B. McDaniel 41
Knob Noster City Marshall (Four Year Term)
Brian A. Kniskern 188
Knob Noster Ward I Alderman (Two Year Term)
Zach Grove 59
Knob Noster Ward III Alderman (Two Year Term)
Benjamin Liechti 73
Knob Noster City Collector (Two Year Term)
Christina Limback 204
City of Centerview Alderman At Large (Vote for Two) (Two Year Term)
James Foote 14
Holly Ridge 13
City of Chilhowee Alderman at Large
City of Kingsville Alderman At Large
City of Leeton: Post Oak Mayor (Two Year Term)
Taylor Elwell 75
Leeton, Post Oak Alderman At Large (Vote for Two) (Two Year Term)
Terry Hiatt 60
Steve Muse 50
Robert Wyatt 31
Kingsville R-1 School District Board members (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Ed Barnett 79
Daniel Mitsifer 82
Holden R-III School District Directors
Chilhowee R-IV School District Directors
Sherwood CR-8 School District Director (Vote for Two) (Two Year Term)
Dan Wheeler 2
Jenny Horvatic 2
Windsor HR-1 Director
Sweet Springs SR-7 Directors