In the City of Holden, Louis Orr and Angie Thomas are on the ballot for Council Member in Ward One.  Ward Two Council Member will go to Neil Carter or Chris Talley.

Knob Noster voters will decide if they want to continue to levy a Special Tax of $0.30 on One Hundred Dollars Valuation to be used for the Fire Department.  If passed, it would expire after four years.

In Centerview, two Aldermen-at-Large will be elected.  The names submitted are Holly Ridge, Bill Fletcher, Bonnie Wyatt, and Cristie Lewis.

Voters in the Kingsville School District will decide if the district can borrow $1,200,000 to be used for improvements.  Those would include heating, ventilation and air conditioning, new flooring and stage curtains, roof repairs, construction of a bus shelter, and improving safety measures.  If passed, no increase to the current property tax levy is expected.

School District R-3 in Holden has a Proposition 1: Director position up for election.  Sonya Corrigan, Mike Daldrup, Gregg Montgomery, Jeffrey Schoonover, Becky VanHooser, and Bill Faust, Jr. are on the ballot.

A Proposition 1:  Director position is up for a vote in the Chilhowee R-4 District.  Those on the ballot are Cheri Edwards, Shawn Holt, James McDonald, and Erin Grant.

Three people have submitted their names to become a Board Member in the Warrensburg School District.  Morris Collins, Rick Miller, and Kathryn McCormick may be elected.

Proposition K.I.D.S. will be decided by voters in the Johnson County R-7 School District.  If passed, it would allow the district to borrow $3 million for the purpose of building additional classrooms at the Secondary and Elementary campuses, among other improvements.  A tax levy increase of $0.20 per $100 has been estimated, which would bring the total to $1.00.

Voters in the Knob Noster R-8 School District will decide between Patty Sellers, Michael Fisk, and Matt Cleveland for Proposition 1:  Director.  They will also decide whether to authorize an increase in the operating tax levy ceiling for the district.  This would bring it up to $3.50 per $100 assessed valuation.  If passed, this would allow this district to maintain the current level of Financial Impact Aid it receives.

In Leeton, Pamela Pickard, William Smith, and James Sullins are on the ballot for Proposition 1: Director.

The C-6 School District (Pittsville) has a Director position on the ballot.  Dana Loudermilk, Shelley Holsten, Rod Surber, and Kellie Roth have submitted their names.

A Proposition 1: Director is up for a vote at the CR-8 School District (Chilhowee, Rose Hill).  Those candidates are Mike Diggs, Joe White, Dan Matson, Crystal Mainard, and Ben Jones.  Voters in that area will also decide whether the Sherwood Cass R-8 School District can issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $2 million.  This would be used for such improvements as roof repairs, upgrading heating and cooling systems, technology improvements, and purchasing school buses.  If passed, the District’s debt service tax levy not expected to change.

The JR-6 School District (Pittsville) will vote between Greg Latshaw, Eric Brinegar, and Montie Tripp for Director.

The LR-7 School District has Mike Alumbaugh, Henry Grubb, and Brian Madsen on the ballot for Director.

The SR-7 School District will has five candidates for director on the ballot.  Those are Donald Boland, Bruce Hoyes, Marc Johnson, Alan Zimmschied, and Doug Loges.

A Board Member position in Public Water Supply District Number 1 – Sub-District Number 5 is open.  Ray Markley and Roy Lee White have submitted their names.