Johnson County municipal election results – April 2, 2019

by Apr 2, 2019Election, Johnson

*** All election results are unofficial until certified by local and state election authorities.***

Johnson County Total Precincts: 10
10 Precincts Reporting:
Number of Votes
Race, April 2019
City of Warrensburg Council Member (2)
Tarl Bentley503
Nolan Brooks553
Scott Holmberg787
City of Warrensburg Question 1
City of Holden Ward I Council Member (1)
Forrest Brillhart32
Angie Thomas26
City of Holden Ward IV Council Member (1)
Larry Clarkin47
Julie Fields (Jones)55
City of Holden Question 1
City of Knob Noster Ward II Alderman (1)
Jared Goucher22
Edward Thering30
City of Centerview Alderman-at-Large (2)
James Foote15
Holly Ridge17
City of Centerview Question 1
City of Kingsville Alderman-at-Large (2)
Lindsey Bush23
Tammie Curry16
Steve Reiman22
City of Leeton Mayor (1)
Taylor Elwell64
Steven Koonse26
City of Leeton Alderman-at-Large (2)
Steve Muse81
John Thomas76
Kingsville School District Board of Educatoin (2)
Mike Fryberger115
Art Worsley87
Kingsville School District Proposition K.I.D.S.
Holden R-III School District Directors (2)
Sarah Abel497
Kevin Coleman506
Kristl D. Thompson292
Holden R-III Proposition K.I.D.S.
Chilhowee R-IV School District Directors (2)
Katrina Renell Anstine97
Jared Alan Coulter45
Howard Wendell Jackson59
Warrensburg R-VI School District Board Members (2)
Morris Collins1284
Richard Jon Miller773
Matthew C. Sergent818
Johnson County R-VII School District Board of Directors (2)
Ronnie Christian162
James Hoppenthaler229
Tony Renolds300
Knob Noster R-VIII School District Directors (2)
Larry Bolton199
Clifford Everts200
Jared Goucher123
Tom Hughes177
Leeton R-X School District Directors (2)
Sandra Elwell160
Brian Ross Uptegrove137
Jeff Wallace86
Sherwood CR-8 School District Directors (2)
Robert T. Schumaker5
Daniel Turner4
Sherwood CR-8 School District Proposition 2
Windsor HR-1 School District Directors (2)
Kathlene Brown7
Steven Eggers8
Renee Gerke12
Elda R. Lewis10
Mark Rains11
Oak Grove JR-6 School District Directors (2)
Drew Hudson3
Brad "Bucky" Hulse6
Greg Latshaw6
Montie Tripp9
Sweet Springs SR-7 School District (2)
Eric P. Giffen0
Marc W. Johnson0
Nathaniel "Nate" Lea0
Paula Staples0
Concordia Fire Protection District Question 1
Windsor Ambulance District Question 1
Western Missouri Medical Center Trustee (1)
Sue Hook2268
Paul D. Polychronis1212
Johnson County Community Heath Services Trustee (2)
Darlene Buckstead1702
Vickie Cooperider1345
Kay Stauffer1572
James L. Williams1464
Johnson County Proposition P
Uncontested Races
City of Holden Ward II Council Member (1)
Jim Nipko32
City of Holden Ward III Council Member (1)
James McDaniel58
City of Knob Noster Mayor (1)
Adam C. Morton138
City of Knob Noster Ward I Alderman (1)
Richard (Rick) Babineaux42
City of Knob Noster Ward III Alderman (1)
Benjamin Liechti55
City of Knob Noster City Collector (1)
Christina Limback143
City of Kingsville Mayor (1)
Neil O'Hare31
Windsor Ambulance District Board Member (1)
Steve Galloway24
Southeast Sewer District Board of Supervisors - Five Year Term (1)
Southeast Sewer District Board of Supervisors - Three Year Term (1)